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Top Notch Detailing

Additional Services

Ceramic Coating

Top Notch Mobile Detailing is your local System-X certified ceramic coating installers.

System-X ceramic coatings are designed to protect your vehicles factory clear coat, and to provide a protective shield against Mother Natures harshest elements.

System-X ceramic coatings are not waxes or a paint sealant that will degrade over a short period of time. System-X products don't require a special wash or a pH neutral wash shampoo to remain on the surface either. These are permanent coatings, very similar to your factory clear coat- but harder, and with higher resistance against scratching, etching, & chemicals.

The unique formula of System X Ceramic Protection locks in long-lasting beauty by keeping your vehicles paint clean through its super slick properties - this new ceramic layer helps contaminants slide right off. The result? Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing care and maintenance.

(All ceramic coating packages include a 1 / 2 step paint correction. The entire exterior of vehicle will be ceramic coated, wheels & windows included)

2 year glass coating

Car - $ 150 All windows

1 year ceramic coating

Car - $ 500

Trucks, SUVs, Vans - $ 700

3 year ceramic coating

Car - $ 900

Trucks, SUVs, Vans - $1,100

Graphene coating

Car - $ 1,300

Trucks, SUVs, Vans - $ 1,500

3 year ceramic package

3 year ceramic package

3 year ceramic package

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Paint Correction

What is paint correction? The paint correction process involves imperfections in the clear coat (or finish) and restoring it to better than original condition. 

Professional paint correction involves a few important steps:

1. Cleaning and completely removing debris and paint contaminants with clay bar

2. Wet sanding or leveling

3. Different stages of compounding

4. Polish

5. Sealing the paint

Prices vary due to inspection and severity of paint imperfections 


Basic paint correction starting at $300

SUVs, Pickups, Vans

Basic paint correction starting at $350




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