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Top Notch Detailing

                                        Additional Services

Polymer Paint Sealant

What is polymer paint sealant? Paint sealant is designed to protect against the harshest elements. Paint sealant provides durable protection while producing a high gloss shine. Paint sealant uses UV protection technology to protect your vehicle from harmful solar rays. Paint sealant creates a protective layer that prevents fading and discoloration. Paint sealant formula protects against water spots, contamination, and road grime to ensure your vehicle is protected. Paint sealant protects paintwork, wheels, metalwork, glass, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and painted plastic surfaces.

Cars: $100

SUVs: $150

Pickups: $200

Vans: $250

Paint Correction

What is paint correction? The paint correction process involves imperfections in the clear coat (or finish) and restoring it to better than original condition. Professional paint correction involves a few important steps:

1. Cleaning and completely removing debris and paint contaminants with clay bar

2. Wet sanding or leveling

3. Different stages of compounding

4. Polish

5. Sealing the paint

Prices vary due to inspection and severity of paint imperfections 


Basic paint correction starting at $200


Basic paint correction starting at $250

Pick up

Basic paint correction starting at $250


Basic paint correction starting at $300

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer which bonds to the surface of your car, creating a protective layer on top of your automobiles paint, which will last from 3 to 5 years. The thickness of the coating gives the car a deep gloss appearance. It is applied by hand to the exterior of your car. Ceramic coating protects your vehicle from UV rays, contaminants, chemicals, and ac​ids produced by bird droppings, bug splatters, and chemical deicers (Before ceramic coating is applied, your vehicle/s paint first has to be prepped and corrected. Prices below include paint correction and ceramic coating application) 


2 year coating               3 year coating

     $675                                         $820​


2 year coating              3 year coating

      $800                                       $950


2 year coating             3 year coating

      $925                                      $1,075


2 year coating             3 year coating

    $1,050                                     $1,200

Engine Cleaning

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration benefits: Removes scratches and restores cloudy, dull lenses. Help maintains the overall value of your vehicle, maintains functionality and performance, increases visibility, increases safety, and enhances the appearance of your vehicle by adding radiance.

$50 (1-2 years) 

Pressure Washing

Price varies based on what needs to be pressure washed and severity of project.


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